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February 27th, 2020 09:00

CMCNE Statistics: No values to display

I'm unable to see the statistics of my 4 x Brocade 8510-4 in CMCNE 14.4.2. I was trying to configure that but I'm lost.

Is there any procedure to configure that?

I've configured SNMP (I think) with the CMCNE Server but not sure if it's ok. (of course is not ok because is not working at all... )

Any help will be appreciated


Thanks in advance, see pics below


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April 15th, 2020 06:00


Not sure if this was answered or not.

But I have the same in the lab. Maybe the threshold are not met to display any value.

If you click on the tool icon next the the description, on the right, for example "Top Product CPU Utilization" you can edit the Thresholds if you want.



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October 29th, 2020 09:00


I'll check when possible.

Thank you

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