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December 2nd, 2022 05:00

Connectrix / BROCADE FOS (Firmware Upgrade) - Old Versions


I'm looking for OLD FOS versions, as I need to upgrade a switch that remained in a very old version and would like to do the upgrade Online if possible, but I'm unable to find any repository where download old Firmware versions.

Here are the steps I must follow:

5.3.2c -> 6.0.1a -> 6.1.2c -> 6.2.2g -> 6.3.2e -> 6.4.3(x)


Is there any place left, repository or FTP from where I can download that FW files?.

I'm DellEMC Partner, not customer.

Thanks in advance



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December 2nd, 2022 08:00

Hello Dr.diSousa,

Looking the oldest ones that I am seeing is 7.4.  You may want to check Broadcom site to see if they have any older versions.

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December 5th, 2022 02:00

I'm trying but look into the Broadcom for FW switches is a mess... Can't find anything but newest versions after a deep look.


Thanks for your response.

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December 11th, 2022 23:00


A couple to things here.

The code you are looking for is not available anymore, not from Brocade not from us.

According the new End user License Agreement from Broadcom / Brocade anybody is not legally allowed to store code anymore. And only able to get code vie the Brocade website for the switches they own / via serial number.

When you running 5.3.x code that went EOSL 31 May 2011 and runs on 4G switches, also the hardware is End of Life. Same as for 6.4.x code.

Brocade has changed this policy for 2 to 3 years now.


I think it is time to replace the old hardware and go for a SAN refresh.



Ed Schulte

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