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May 11th, 2021 23:00

DCX 7-8 Migration

Hi Community,

I am migrating an infrastructure to some new DCX7. To get the fabrics merged, I wanted to match the FOS configs as close as possible and found some params I cannot find in the administration guide and command reference.

Maybe some one could help me out understanding these configs:

  • fabric.pdidmode:1 -- thought this one to be the parameter for WWN based PID but fabric.ops.mode.pidFormat is still there
  • featuredb.status -- no idea where to set this and what it does

New fabric is FOS 9.0.0b old fabric is at 8.2.2d

Thanks in advance


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May 12th, 2021 12:00

Hi Marcel,


These forums are monitored by Dell employees, so I wanted to let you know that your post was seen. That said, Connectrix isn't an offering I'm familiar with at all. I'm going to try to get you an answer internally, but it may take a few days. If I can't though, you may need to contact phone support. I can be sure to update this thread as soon as I get a response, though.

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May 13th, 2021 00:00

Hi Marcel,

If you can open a SR, and attach both supportsaves, and put the problem description in the it and "f.o.a. Ed Schulte" I'm going to find out.

And will update this forum once we done.



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