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September 10th, 2018 15:00

Fully Resilient FCIP Design CISCO MDS 9250i



i just have a question about VSAN configuration for fully resilient FCIP Design, because i am a little bit confuse for backup paths (Blue and Orange line), if you see the image i am going to connect VSAN 60, profile 60 and FCIP  60 on Ge2 (Site A) with VSAN 70, profile 70 and FCIP70 on Ge2 (Site B) line Blue, is it correct? i mean, can i do that? or to connect them, do i need to set the same VSAN Number (60 and 60), same case with the orange line. i understand that the Profile and FCIP can be different, but i dont know if the vsan can be different.

i found the best practice for FCIP and on that image i can see red and blue vsan are different for backups paths, take a look at that image

i will appreciate your help on this.Capture.PNG.png

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