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July 7th, 2022 09:00

Hardware upgrade MDS9710

How many more  48 port 32 gbps fibre Channel modules can be installed in a 9710 chassis with

DS648-1536k9 qty 6

DS-X97-SF1-K9 qty 2

DS-X9710-FAB1 qty 6

DS-CAC97-3kw qty 6

DS-C9710-FAN qty 3

Can I add 2 more 48 port cards or just 1 ?



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July 7th, 2022 15:00

Hello DanielHahl,

Here is the link to the support matrix for the MDS9000 series.

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July 10th, 2022 23:00

Hi Daniel,


Even though the physical matrix might be ok, but the clue would be the 6 power supplies. If they are able to supply enough power for a fully populated chassis.

You need to calculate if the 6 power supplies are enough. Example of that on how to calculate you can find in an article which is listing a power calculation for a MDS9513, that should give you an example for your 9710. You should be able to read the article when you are logged into your DELL account:

Connectrix - MDS Series Cisco: Running the show environment power command output reports there is not enough power available to fully populate all slots with modules in a MDS9513 Switch chassis000044129 :


Once you calculated you can order new power supplies with the line card modules, to supply enough power.

For further assistance I would refer to the local support team to assist with the SAN refresh.




Ed Schulte

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