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December 1st, 2015 07:00

How to change traffic utilization error threshold.

     Not sure at what FOS level this came in but in my fabrics the switches are logging lots of errors stating the transmit performance is above the high boundary of 10%.  I really want to set this higher but have not found anywhere that this is documented.  This is on a Brocade DCX switch running 7.3.1a firmware.

Property Value
Probable Cause Indicates that the packet loss and utilization areas for VE_Port has risen above the high boundary.
Description slot12 port4   Tport#12/4,TX Performance, is above high boundary(High=10, Low=0). Current value is 13 Percentage(%)/minute.
Count 2
Origin SNMP Trap
Port Name N/A
Message ID FW-1190
First Event Server Time Tue Dec 01 07:43:38 CST 2015
Audit N/A
Category Product Event
Last Event Product Time Tue Dec 01 07:43:38 CST 2015
Last Event Server Time Tue Dec 01 07:48:18 CST 2015
Severity Warning
Recommended Action No action is required. Respond to this message as is appropriate to the particular policy of the end-user installation.

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December 7th, 2015 06:00

Found the answer while troubleshooting another issue on our SAN with an EMC support rep.  Commands start with porthconfig.

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