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December 15th, 2020 03:00

Port values brocade switch 16Gb

Hi team!

Currently we have monitoring an specific port on our brocade b6520 switch model.
We have a doubt because the counter 'pcs err' shows records encoding violations with link fail and loss sig counters.
We can suspect that it maybe exist a physical cable issue or similar but the client side (initiator) it seems everything ok. No complaints.

Does anyone know what that could be hapening according these values?



Thanks and regards



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December 15th, 2020 10:00



Faulty transmission media, like the cable, is a possibility. It can also be related to encoding or link speed. You might check that the rx/tx light values match on the interface for both the Brocade side and what ever it is connecting to.


That's not to say that this is certainly the issue here, but you might consider investigating it. Please let me know if this helps.

Checking Optical Strength:

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December 17th, 2020 23:00

Thanks for tye reply @DellEMCSupport 

Regarding the sfp values it seems that are ok.

Current: 8.210 mAmps
Voltage: 3369.9 mVolts
RX Power: -3.9 dBm (410.7uW)
TX Power: -2.7 dBm (533.4 uW)

Now , after last reset (48hours) the values on the port I see that the pcs err counter has increased but the two other counter keeps at zero.

Interrupts: 4 Link_failure: 0 Frjt: 0
Unknown: 0 Loss_of_sync: 0 Fbsy: 0
Lli: 4 Loss_of_sig: 0
Proc_rqrd: 146 Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out: 0 Invalid_word: 255
Tx_unavail: 0 Invalid_crc: 0
Delim_err: 0 Address_err: 0
Lr_in: 1 Ols_in: 1
Lr_out: 1 Ols_out: 1

I could suspect that was a cable issue but it's a little dificcult confirm this.

I'll follow the case.

Thanks and regards.

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December 19th, 2020 02:00

Hi there,

Regards the PCS counters, they are the same as the enc out errors for the 8G and 4G counters.

(PCS) block errors. This counter records encoding violations on 10 Gbps or 16 Gbps ports.
In the porterrshow ER_PCS_BLK counter,this is applicable only on platforms that support 10 Gbps or 16 Gbps ports (6505/6510/6520/DCX-8510) and it was introduced with Condor3 ASIC, the GEN5 Platform. This counter is equivalent with enc_out for 8Gb/4Gb link and it's used only for 10GB and 16Gb speed.
The 10Gb and 16Gb links use 64B/66B encoding instead of 8B/10B for data transmission and "pcs err" (=er_pcs_blk) counter records encoding violations on 10 Gbps or 16 Gbps ports detected during decoding.


See kb article:

Connectrix B-Series: How to Interpret the Brocade porterrshow output, and what do the counters mean.



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