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July 20th, 2023 14:00

Installation help/doc for CSI driver for PowerMax v2.6/2.7?


I am back at this codebase (after 18 months or so), and again trying to test and release container image(s) for IBM ppc64le architecture.

I tried to make sense of all the changes, code & doc, that have gone in, but something is amiss/WIP. Can somebody here confirm the doc site ( is fully updated or has the to-be information?

If I may list some examples;

  • - `csireverseproxy` is now mandated, but the Helm install shows "Optional secret, csirevproxy-tls-secret, does not exist." warning, but let me proceed, yet the reverseproxy container would never start up without that secret. And I can't find any mention of how to create that secret.
  • - before getting there, you'd have to have your `my-powermax-settings.yaml`, and the doc says you'd find the template  file at `./helm/csi-powermax/values.yaml`, and the `release-2.6.0` branch has it, but if you check out `v2.7.0` tag, you won't find the `./helm` subdir. What to do??

regards, - Hiro

July 23rd, 2023 23:00

Hi @miyamotoh ,

In the v2.7.0 tag, the helm chart is still available, main will contain the upcoming release changes as well. Please check and let me know if it works for you




July 23rd, 2023 23:00

Hi @miyamotoh ,


Regarding the secrets, please refer herePowerMax | Dell Technologies

It will be automatically created.




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July 24th, 2023 15:00

Hi @YamunadeviS ,

Thanks for the responses. I understand the doc could get confusing when it tries to support multiple versions of code. I'll try to comment specifically for v2.7.0 level code. 

I now see the little comment about "if you want to go with self-signed cert, comment these lines about key/cert files" under `certManager` in `my-powermax-settings.yaml`. So, I did that, thinking self-signed certs, auto-generated would be the easier path for my purpose. However, now my reverseproxy pod shows this error;


ConfigMap: {Linked 2222 debug TEXT 0xc000140420 } │
│ time="2023-07-24T21:56:47Z" level=fatal msg="Failed to setup server. (secrets \"primary-cert\" not found)"


Can you point me to the doc or line in the `values.yaml` that has information about how to go about putting the secret in place?

By the way, I think my target Unisphere is running v9.2.2.2, while I see the install doc seems to require "10.0 REST endpoint support." Does this mean I will never see my driver pods all "Running" with this Unisphere, even if I get past this reverse proxy error? Thanks!!

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