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April 19th, 2024 16:32

Dell agents lying about Laptop repair status

I purchased expressed service. The original agent I spoke to said the laptop would be returned to me with repairs in 5-7 business days. Then, on the 7th business day, the service request detail page did not provide any further information. I contacted dell support over the phone. The first agent did not provide an answer to my question on when I asked what the status of my laptop is and when it was going to be returned. When I asked to speak to manager or a different agent, they became unresponsive yet, I could still hear their dog barking and other background noise. This prompted me to call again and when I got contacted to a manger, they (1) tried to argue that the agent wasn't being unresponsive (2) started to question me if I thought dell would lie to me which in response to me asking for documentation that they would ask to express my laptop repair and (3) said the laptop was going through final testing after it was repaired. Then, the next day (8th business day) I get a notification on the service request page that the repairs just started. The following day (9th business day), I get a notification that there was an issue and Dell will contact me within 1 business day. It has officially been past that 1 business day and Dell has still not contacted. I even sent them a message on the service request portal. I am convinced that dell lies to its customers. This experience has been shocking especially when the premium service (the express) was paid for.

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