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November 29th, 2023 21:58

Dell Horrible product quality and return - Dell Precision 7680

I bought a Precision 7680 from Dell outlet.

The condition Dell describes as: "Like New"

11/21/2023: Order Processed

11/26/2023: Received package

11/27/2023: I discovered that Precision 7680 is extremely hot and misses function (could be Microsoft problems).

11/28/2023: I tried to upgrade the SSD and discovered the second SSD slot was broken.

11/29/2023: Request refund

11/29/2023: Receive Dell reply:

""I understand from your email that you want to return the order because you are facing technical issues with your Dell Order number – <Private data removed from public view. DELL-Admin>. We apologize for the same. 

We do not have the technical expertise to assist you with this concern.""

No one can help with the return???

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November 30th, 2023 00:09

You need to call -- not email.

The return period on outlet purchases is shorter than on new systems, so sooner is better than later.

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