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December 4th, 2023 23:13

Dell Technical Support Broke My Laptop -- and Has Spent Months Failing to Fix It

I have been using a Dell XPS 15 7590 I bought from Dell's website for roughly two years. About three months ago, my computer had a minor issue with the charger for which I requested a technician to come out. After a part was replaced, I started having major power issues. Usually, either the computer was failing entirely to boot or it would crash randomly and without warning to a black screen every few minutes. I opened a support ticket and had a number of support staff attempt to help me remotely. Eventually, they requested a technician to replace some part, but the issue remained. I received no updates until I reopened the ticket and was told I had to send in my laptop to my Service Depot. I sent it in with a detailed description of how they couldn't just check that the computer boots, but also how it starts crashing repeatedly after an hour of use, to be sure the issue was fixed. They did not check. They sent it back to me with the same issue. I ran through the cycle again. Remote help, technicians, and even resending the computer to the Service Depot -- again, with incredibly detailed notes on the problem and an assurance that special attention would be paid to my computer. I have just taken my computer out of the box and it has the same issue. It has been three months. This limits my ability to work and to do college assignments. This is ridiculous and has cost me dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars in lost labor. I pay for Dell's so-called "Premium Support" but I'm in a Kafkaesque bureaucratic mess where Dell caused an issue and will not put the effort in to fix or replace my laptop. What recourse do I have? I'm already planning to never buy from Dell again. I got my whole extended family on the Dell train after enjoying the build quality of the XPS, and now neither will they. But I can't afford a good replacement laptop on the salary of a few part-time jobs and I think it is unacceptable how Dell has treated me, so I don't want to give up. 

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December 5th, 2023 00:41

This is a  2019 model system that's somewhere around 4 years old (if not older) at this point.  And if the issue is that it "crashes" after an hour or so, it could be anything from a true hardware problem (which they've likely ruled out) to a software issue with something you're running.

It's almost surprising they'd be doing warranty repairs on a system that's end of life -- usually they won't touch anything after the four year mark passes.  Or are these paid repairs?

December 6th, 2023 06:42

@ejn63​ A computer in perfect condition should not become unusable after 4 years, especially suddenly after a technician works on it. That's preposterous. Besides, I didn't buy it in 2019. I bought it later (new from Dell) for cheaper since it was an older model.


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