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November 6th, 2023 04:32

Disappointing Customer Service

I attempted to purchase the X16 top-of-the-line laptop on three separate occasions. The first attempt had to be canceled because the estimated delivery time extended beyond my departure from the country. Customer service advised me to cancel the order, even though they had already charged over $6500 for the purchase, and then reorder it later. Consequently, I had to endure a waiting period for the refund.

Upon my return to the country, I placed a new order for the same X16 configuration with a 4090 GPU and a laptop backpack. However, the order's unusually long lead time, initiated on November 2nd, prompted me to contact customer service for clarification. It was then revealed that the order had been rejected due to the inclusion of a backpack purchase! So basically the backpack and the laptop cannot be purchased together in a same order. Consequently, I had to cancel the order and place a fresh one, incurring another charge. This time, when I reordered shortly after the cancellation (within 5 mins), Dell informed me that the GPU 4090 was out of stock, leaving me highly disappointed. And recommend me another laptop - m16 which is much heavier and inconvinient for travel...

I am extremely frustrated by these events and wish to lodge a complaint. I'm uncertain if the agent's initial suggestion to cancel was a ploy to mask the fact that you had run out of the 4090 GPU or for another reason. I now have a total of around $14,000 charged , awaiting refunds, and I feel I was misled into canceling my order. Furthermore, the customer service representative promised to notify me when the 4090 becomes available, and asked me to provide my email address - which he already should have had from our earlier conversation. This entire experience has left me disappointed and frustrated with Dell's customer service.

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