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March 3rd, 2024 14:00

I would like to cancel multiple orders I made at the same time

Hello, I tried to make an order, however it did not go through, and as such I ordered multiple of them. I do have proof of them hitting my card with a charge, I am unable to see my orders on the order page, I have gotten no confirmation and I  am unable to search my orders in my order page. 

I called , and they said it was in the process of being processed and as such I cannot cancel. I do not need 3 of these expensive VR headset bundles just one. Well at this point it could be 4 who knows at this point. 

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March 3rd, 2024 15:49

Good news: I was able to cancel the duplicate orders as soon as they hit my order page. Just have to have a little patience next time 

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March 3rd, 2024 14:12

Yep, it’s 5 , that’s impressive, I don’t need 5 of these and your phone stuff is automation <Profanity is never allowed on our Forum. DELL-Admin>, can’t get through to anyone. 


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