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November 30th, 2023 23:35

Rajesh commited deceptive business practices and lost my computer

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So I was issued a refurbished replacement even though it was supposed to be new for a faulty computer that I had received as a replacement for another faulty computer. it came without an ssd heatsink so I called for it and the agent told me I was supposed to get a new computer that I needed to send that one and to wait for someone to get in touch with me so I could choose the specs. no one did so I sent the ones I wanted and some time later Mr Rajesh got in touch with me denying the replacement and forced me to send the faulty computer to the repair depot. I did and I received another box some days later, I received my computer and I sent it in the box that I had received believing that there was a mistake and I was going to be issued a replacement. Mr rajesh told me that he was not going to honor that replacement and even though it was an authorized box with a prepaid shipping label provided by dell he said that he was not responsible for that and that I lost my computer. Now I am without a computer and he basically told me to go kick rocks and that if I wanted service to get in touch with the spanish line. Everywhere I tried to get service I am coerced to deal with mr Mani and he is unwilling to provide me a resolution I sent an email to his manager Farat and they are still unwilling to help me. 

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December 1st, 2023 17:06

Hah !  Finally seeing some Dell support persons with brains.  They are often perceived as useless and clueless by customers through out all the posts I saw on here.

So, after having your system replaced twice, you were expecting to received a third system replacement because of a missing SSD heatsink?  A heatsink?  Not only it does not sound like the right resolution to begin with, you were also sent in to Dell a system specs for the machine you wanted?

Not sure what type of warranty term you have but that was way beyond the wishes of many posters on here.  Their first replacement requests always got shot down if the return window has passed.

I guess you were pushing your luck on that third replacement system.  Not only you expected Dell to replace your used system with a new system, you also wanted a replacement with the specifications of your choice.  Why I am not surprised to hear that they told you to go kiss the rock with the spanish fly !!!  Whatever that meant.

With today modern logistics, you can track shipping status of almost anything.  There are always two sides to every story.  So, I am not going to touch that.

Not working for Dell, just an enthusiast computer user who contributes time to help others in need.  Posting my comment to say I'm enjoying and entertaining by the story anyhow.

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December 2nd, 2023 09:16

I had received multiple faulty computers and I was within the return period I requested a refund It was denied and the FRAUDULENT agent extended the process beyond the return period, I am indifferent to how loyal to the brand people are. I go by the state laws they need to provide a NEW computer because I did not purchase a refurbished one or a refund, nor did I purchase a faulty laptop, they need to provide as many as 10 if all of the previous nine came faulty.


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