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April 19th, 2024 01:29

Restocking fee on a maintenance paln

I recently purchased an Alienware laptop for $1800 but the total cost with taxes and the 4 year premium support came to $2928.  I'm now being told that I purchased the laptop as a business and I'm going to be charged a 15% restocking fee on the total = $440.  How can they legally charge a restocking fee on a maintenance plan?  I even offered to pay the 15% on the cost of the laptop alone but they wouldn't do it.  I had already ordered a faster Alienware before any of this came to light.  I'm now going to end up with two Alienwares.  Is this really happening??



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April 19th, 2024 01:46


Thank you for writing to Dell.

We are sorry to hear about the situation you are in.

Kindly, private message us the order number and the name of the registered owner for us to review this request.




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