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April 19th, 2024 03:58

Unable to purchase anything using my Dell account

I have had a Dell account for years but since the change to Commenity Bank, I haven't been able to purchase anything without a lot of problems.  Today, I wanted to buy an SSD, but when I entered my phone number, last 4 of SSN and Zip Code, the Commenity system REFUSED to give me a code, so I am unable to purchase anything at all.  I tried repeatedly to get a code and I even checked my Dell Pay account to verify that they had my mobile number, but, NOTHING.  I have been trying to get a code for at least 12 hours and nothing happens at all.  I am unable to make any purchases.  Anyone else suffering with this? Commenity has been nothing but a headache since they took over from Dell Financial.  Lousy Bank!!!  Pitiful website and pitiful customer service.



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April 19th, 2024 04:03


Thank you for writing to Dell.

We are sorry to hear about the experience you've been through.

I will private message you the contact details you may use. The team will help you.




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