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April 18th, 2024 16:14

unacceptable handling of service request

I recently had a conversation with you during which I was coerced into admitting fault for mishandling my laptop in order to receive the one time exception service. However, I firmly believe that I am entitled to this service, along with a formal apology from Dell, due to the recurring issues I've experienced with my device. The hinge on my laptop has broken for the second time, and rather than acknowledging the poor quality control and engineering flaws that have led to this issue, I was unfairly blamed for mishandling the device. This tactic of shifting blame is unacceptable. I refuse to accept the terms and conditions imposed on me during our conversation, as they undermine my rights as a customer. However, I admitted to the terms and conditions as provided and accepted it as my fault for mishandling along with a statement of no longer complaining to Dell in the future due to my exhausted mental state at that time. In addition to the broken hinge, I had to replace the touchpad twice within the first six months of purchasing the laptop. This pattern of recurring issues further highlights the subpar quality of the product. I am hereby requesting to escalate this matter to a higher authority within Dell.

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