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December 6th, 2023 17:12

We never got our order

My order was delivered in 11/30 by fed ex, my address was correct in the system, however we never received it, the picture taken was in front of someone else’s door because I have a welcome mat that should have been visible, I called fed ex and they are of no help

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December 6th, 2023 19:46

You can report a missing package online

and should also call Dell as well. 

You will also want to report the missing package to your local police department and obtain a report from them.

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December 7th, 2023 02:14

You probably don't live in a friendly neighborhood, else a neighbor would have brought the package to you by now.  I suggest that you should contact FedEx to open a case.  Then contact Dell and providing the case number.  Dell will initiate the replacement order for you. 

FedEx will work with Dell on the outcome of their investigation, tracking of the lost package. 

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