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18-11-2021 05:00 AM

Power protect data manager

I need task list for PPDM, the tasks which can be automated in PPDM. PPDM means Power Protect Data Manager.

Also want to kno if there is any command guide for PPDM?



07-12-2021 09:00 AM


PowerProtect Data Manager includes a built in REST API that you can leverage to automate most functions. This API and associated documentation are constantly being updated as new versions and capabilities are added. has a list of all products with built in REST APIs and their associated documentation, examples and tutorials. 


The below link will take you directly to the PPDM REST API which will include all of the documentation, examples, tutorials and lists of endpoints and API calls that are supported.  It's broken out by PPDM code version so you can select your target version and get everything you're looking for.