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December 6th, 2018 14:00

Unable to restore VM from tape device

Hi folks,

I am trying to do a comlete VM restore from a backup created via the vProxy. The Save Set was written to a Data Domain and later cloned to a tape device. The tape shall be the source for the restore.

I am on NetWorker v18.1 on a Windows Server 2012 R2. Tape Library is a TS4300 with LTO8 drives connected via SAN to the NetWorker Server (physical). There is no additional Storage Node.

So I started the recovery wizard within the NMC and selected everything I needed. At the last page I selected the tape as source and did choose my one and only Data Domain pool as staging pool.

After a few seconds I got the failure:

155752:nsrvproxy_recover: Unable to find a usable device for recovery of saveset 3976587711: Unable to find enabled Data Domain device for volume '000061L8'. An attempt will be made to perform automatic clone resurrection

165713:nsrvproxy_recover: Attempting to automatically resurrect clone 3976587711 with 7 days retention to DD volume in pool DATA

I searched the web and without any success. There were two KBs. One mentioned to check DNS which is correct. The second one suggested to mount a boost device from the selected pool which I checked.

Has anyone an advice?



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December 12th, 2018 02:00

In the documentation is mentioned that the saveset cannot be cloned back to the Data Domain pool when this particular save set is still present there. Makes sense!

So, I created a new backup clone pool. I labeled a Data Domain device which then was used during the recovery process. Works fine!

Nevertheless the term "Staging Pool" in the NMC recovery wizard is not correct. It must be a backup clone pool. And the destination needs to be a Data Domain.

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