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28-02-2023 02:00 AM

window doesn't install to my dell laptop?

hello experts, I have a dell laptop to install a window but doesn't sometimes goes to setup and stops there I try many windows but didn't work I'm very depressed and I have a lot of data. any suggestion?

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22-11-2023 19:45 PM

If your Dell laptop isn't installing Windows and gets stuck during setup, try these brief steps:

  1. Check Installation Media:

    • Ensure your Windows installation USB/DVD is not corrupted.
    • Use a different USB port or DVD drive if possible.
  2. BIOS Settings:

    • Access BIOS settings during startup (usually by pressing F2 or Del).
    • Check if the boot order is set correctly (USB/DVD first).
  3. Hardware Issues:

    • Check for hardware issues (RAM, hard drive) using built-in diagnostics (usually F12 during startup).
  4. Create Backup:

    • If possible, back up your important data using an external drive.
  5. Professional Assistance:

    • If issues persist, seek professional help from Dell support or a technician.

Always be cautious with data, and seek assistance if needed.

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28-11-2023 21:21 PM

certaintly try these steps.. 

  1. BIOS Mode: Check your Dell laptop's BIOS settings to ensure it's set to UEFI mode. This is important because Windows installations may encounter issues if the BIOS is set to Legacy mode.

  2. System Architecture: Make sure that the Windows installation media you are using matches the system architecture of your laptop. If your laptop is a 64-bit system, use a 64-bit version of Windows, and vice versa for a 32-bit system.

  3. Windows Installation Media: If you're still having issues, create a new bootable USB using the Windows Media Creation Tool. This tool helps you download the latest version of Windows and create a bootable USB drive. This can eliminate any potential issues with the installation media you currently have.

  4. Backup Data: Before attempting any installation or troubleshooting, it's crucial to back up your data. This ensures that even if something goes wrong during the installation process, your important files are safe.

credits from window community of whatsapp group of mb

if solved tell here please.