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02-10-2022 03:00 AM

window issue?

hello everybody, i'm using a corei5 laptop and I want to install windows 11 but there is some problem with my laptop when I have done all the window setup and I turn on my laptop the blue screen appears. how can I resolve this issue?

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23-03-2023 03:00 AM

If you're experiencing a blue screen error after installing Windows 11 on your Core i5 laptop, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Update your drivers: Make sure that all your device drivers are up to date, including your graphics card, chipset, and network adapter drivers. You can go to the manufacturer's website or use a driver updater tool to download the latest drivers.

  2. Check for hardware issues: Run a hardware diagnostic test to check if there are any issues with your laptop's hardware components, such as the hard drive, RAM, or motherboard.