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February 23rd, 2024 03:25

A bit confused about the version numbering of iDRAC

For PowerEdge R740 (and PowerEdge R640), the most recent version of iDRAC is 7.00.00.x. But for PowerEdge R730, the most recent version of iDRAC is I had thought the iDRAC version for R730 should at least be or something similar. Is the most up-to-date iDRAC for PowerEdge R730 really Did I miss any higher version in the search? Why does the numbering of iDRAC versions between R740 (and R640) and R730 differ so much?



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February 23rd, 2024 07:58

Hello, 14th Gen Poweredge servers have iDRAC9 but 13th Gen Poweredge servers have iDRAC8. The version numbering of iDRAC can indeed be a bit confusing. The iDRAC version can differ from one system to another. The version number does not necessarily indicate the “newness” or feature set of the iDRAC, but rather corresponds to the specific model of the server it is embedded in. However the main reason is they are using different generations of iDRAC. 


Hope that helps!

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