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February 16th, 2024 16:49

Aliasing devices inside of OpenManage Enterprise

I'm wondering if the following is possible. My naming conventions are a little different than most, probably; I have the official naming convention that uses a town-state-purpose naming convention; virtualization hosts, for instance, would be med-ma-VM1, for Medford, Massachusetts, Virtualization host 1, as in the first virtualization host on the network. I would then have a second one, also. the weird thing, though...when referring to them, that's not the name I would use to talk about them; instead, I give each of my servers (virtual machines and physical machines) a name according to its personality. My VM host at home, is referred to in conversation as Andahar. that's an example, for there have been many others over the years like that. I could write a book documenting all of the funny names my community's called all of their computers, we've had so many. How could I alias the devices in OpenManage so that I see the ceremonial/friendly name rather than the official host name? I can't find this in the documentation, or if it's in there, it's not obvious. 



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February 16th, 2024 21:45



Check on this and see if it does what you want to do:

Set device names for easy identification

Page 64-65


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