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February 19th, 2024 10:02

DellOme Problem, device did not respond


I have a problem with the DellOME and an esx server. The ESX server is not recognized correctly, see screenshot. Idrac Restart did not help. What could be the problem? Is this perhaps a known problem?

Hardware Information:
PowerEdge R7515, Dell Inc.
OS Version: 7.0 Update 3 Build-22348816 (A17)
BIOS-Version 2.13.3



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February 19th, 2024 15:29



I haven't seen this but I can recommend a couple steps to try first:


Try updating to BIOS 2.14.1



Drain the flea power and retry the discovery :

drain flea power (shut down, disconnect power cables and Network cables, hold in power button 20 seconds with cords removed). After flea power drain, system has to set for 3 minutes for DRAC to reset without any power plugged in, then plug in NIC and power but wait 2 minutes before power on to give DRAC time to initialize.


Check results



Run the build in diagnostics on the server:

Boot to  F11 on Dell Splash screen, selecting  Boot Manager -> System Utilities -> Launch Dell Diagnostics.  Note any messages and continue testing.



If there is an issue with the R7515 and you are still under warranty, I could recommend contacting Support directly and an engineer can do a remote session with you.


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