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October 10th, 2023 15:05

Host stuck in boot after "Configuring Memory"

Hello team,

I am trying to boot up a device and this is the screen it freezes onto. The last message it shows is configuring memory. How can I fix this please? I have tried warm, cold reboots, and iDRAC reset.



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October 10th, 2023 20:21

Hello Ahmad,


The screen shots looks like it is not completing POST.

Was anything done on the server around the time this started?

Was there any hardware changes?


Try a flea power drain: shut down M640, remove from chassis. Hold in power button on the blade for 30 seconds. Reseat all components: DIMM, CPU…. Then reinstall to chassis and power up. Check if it completes POST.



If it does not POST then bring it down to minimum components and test.

Minimum to post

The minimum components to allow the PowerEdge M640 to complete POST are:


● One processor (CPU) in socket CPU1 (if no post, try a different processor if you have one)

● One memory module (DIMM) in socket A1 (if no post, try a different DIMM in A1)

● System board


Remove anything not on that list: DVD, Hard drives, PERC controller, backplane, network card, NIC cable, any pcie cards, keyboard, mouse, USB devices, …. anything not on the list remove.


If it does not post then the issue is with one of those components.

If you get successful POST, put things back a little at a time until you find the faulting component.


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