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February 27th, 2024 10:05

How to view more details about an alarm


when I go to device alerts in Openmanage I have only such information:

CDEV6174 Device health has deteriorated. 

But nothing about this error. So alarms are working but are useless for me.

My second question why I don't have server subsystem healt reason if I have any warning like here?



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February 27th, 2024 14:38



What the alert is saying is that you need to go check the iDRAC System Event Log (SEL) for issues.


The alert CDEV6174 indicates that the device health has deteriorated. In Dell OpenManage Enterprise (OME), this warning suggests that there are components within the device subsystems that require immediate attention. To gain further insights, you can check the specific device’s subsystems and identify any issues that need addressing.


If everything looks good and you haven't had any alert since February 22 then you can save a copy of the SEL if you want then clear it and see if you get any new alerts.


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