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November 22nd, 2023 06:05

Is it possible to set up the Report Page so that the choosed Options stay permantently

Hello , 

I want to see all Conditions in the Report Page . 

The default Setting on the Filter is critical and warning . 

But i want also to see the other Options , but permanently . 

Everytime i have to setup this setting . 

Is there a way to set the Filter permanently ? 





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November 22nd, 2023 15:34

Hello Michael,

It sounds like you have a few issues with your server baseline and catalog in your monitoring system. Let's address each of your concerns:

### 1. Adding T620 Servers to Baseline:

If the current catalog you are using doesn't include the T620 Servers, and you have access to a catalog from December 2022 that does, you can try the following steps:

- **Download Catalog:** Download the catalog from December 2022 that includes the T620 Servers.

- **Add Catalog to Baseline:** In your baseline settings, see if there's an option to add or update the catalog. Upload the downloaded catalog or point to its location.

- **Reassess Servers:** After updating the catalog, reassess the servers. The T620 Servers should now be included.

### 2. Permanent Filter Settings:

If you want to set the filter permanently to include all conditions (critical, warning, etc.), and you find yourself having to set this up each time, here are a few things you can try:

- **Save Filter Settings:** After setting up the filters as you prefer, check if there's an option to save or apply these settings as the default. Some monitoring systems allow you to save customized views.

- **User Preferences:** Look for a user preferences or account settings section. Some systems allow users to set default configurations for their account.

- **Contact Support:** If you can't find a way to set the filters permanently, consider reaching out to the support team of your monitoring system. They might have insights or provide you with a solution.

Remember, the steps above might vary based on the specific monitoring system you are using. If you can provide more details about the system, I might be able to give more specific guidance.

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November 24th, 2023 08:12

Hello , 

Point 1 :

I already downloaded the T620 Catalog , but unfortunately i can combine Catalogs in an Baseline . 

As i wrote , i have T620 and als newer Server in the same Baseline . So the Problem is that some of this                      Servers shows up grey . 

Point 2 :

There is unfortunately no Option to save the Filter Settings in OME . 





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24-11-2023 01:38 PM


for point 1 

Separate Baselines:

Create separate baselines for T620 servers and R30 servers. Use the relevant catalogs for each group. This way, you can manage them independently and ensure that the status is correctly represented for each server type.
Custom Attributes:

Check if your configuration management system supports custom attributes or tags. You could manually tag each server with its model (T620 or R30) and then use this information to filter or categorize servers within a single baseline.
Custom Scripts or Checks:

Depending on the flexibility of your configuration management system, consider using custom scripts or checks that directly query the servers for their status. This way, you can bypass the catalog limitations and have more control over how server status is determined.


For Point 2 please contact our Software Support Team via Hotline.


Regards Martin

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