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August 22nd, 2023 16:40

OME 3.10.0 problems adding a new user...

We run OME 3.10.0. I attempted to add a new user into OME application and found a problem with adding a user. Logging into OME via GUI, select Applications>user>add> the attached screen displays. I enter the new user name, but the needed fields are not displaying correctly. password, verify password and user class is not shown. I can get around this by using Tab key.

Very frustrating to say the least.



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August 23rd, 2023 12:03

Hello Louis,



Try Firefox or the workaround  for Chrome is posted here:

OpenManage Enterprise: Some Pop-out Windows are Missing Fields Causing Them to be Unusable

NOTE: Only chromium-based browsers are affected. Mozilla Firefox is not based on chromium, and this issue has not been reproduced with any recent Mozilla Firefox versions.

Dell Engineering is aware of the issue, and is investigating a fix for the next release of OpenManage Enterprise.

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August 23rd, 2023 18:22

@Dell -Charles R​ 

We can live with work-around and wait for next version.

Thank you,


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