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January 18th, 2024 20:12

OME Not pulling all recommended firmware

For your sakes, i hope none of you have the same issue i'm having (EDIT: I see i'm not alone: BUT, in July 2023 we noticed the updated version 7 LC firmware was released, and several of our servers had it as a recommended install on the Dell pages. Since we always push firmware updates using OME / compliance baselines we expected it to trickle down. But the update didn't appear on OME for any servers that month. We kept an eye out for it, but over the past few months, that update has only come down for maybe 5 servers of our ~50 similar models.

We redployed a fresh vanilla instance of OME on a different network entirely and have used that OME for a few months and noted it is doing the same. So plenty of firmware updates come down each month but that LC v7 one just isn't coming down even though it always shows as recommended on the dell page, and we can run it manually no problem. 

The LC 7 update is the one firmware i noticed is missing, but who knows if there are others not coming down as well. Has anybody else noticed this? Any thoughts, any solutions? I've contacted over and over again our enterprise Dells support folks and they keep giving me the run around that "somebody will be in touch" but it's been 4 months of each month telling me somebody will be in touch and to wait. Tired of being patient, and I need to make sure these systems are getting all their proper updates! Any suggestions are welcome.

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February 5th, 2024 23:39

Yes, it's not very good at getting all available updates. It often seems unaware that there is a newer version of something available. I got used to relying Open Manage Essentials for this since it was pretty accurate, but you can't do the same with this version.

I asked support about it once and just got some vague response, kind of like "it is what it is".

It's a pretty buggy product in general, but I don' t think much effort goes into its development and upkeep. It seems strange that there have been no updates to 4.0 since October. I guess that's somewhat understandable since it probably doesn't make any money.


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