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November 22nd, 2023 15:10

OME v4.0 as OpenStack Instance - can't install plugin and update devices


I have installed (from scratch, it's not a migration) OME v4.0 (KVM format) as an instance in OpenStack (Antelope 2023.1). It is running, but as of now I can't install plugins or update the connected devices.

EDIT: same issues on Proxmox 6.x

Plugins - The OME VM is not configured with enough disk space

When trying to install plugins, for example Power Manager, even if the instance is connected to a 830 GB volume (and the resources are available on the compute/storage/etc nodes) , there is an error:

Appliance resources are not sufficient to either install or continue to run the Power Manager plugin efficiently: The OME VM is not configured with enough disk space to support this plugin. 400 GB of disk space must be allocated to the VM to support the appliance and all plugins (including this one). The VM has 0 GB allocated, 400 GB is required for the appliance and all other installed plugins

The same setup has been used for OME 3.10 and I was able to install plugins

Updates - Mount of remote share failed. 

When trying to update a device, it fails with an error about remote shares. The same happens with OME 3.10. It happens with all the devices, even if OME-iDRAC device is allowed on all ports, and with both CIFS/HTTPS Built-in Appliance Share

Jobs example

Results :
Target System: REDACTED
Verifying if the device Service Tag is valid.
The device Service Tag is valid.
Starting communication with the device.
Update allowed in target, System Lockdown status = DISABLED
Checking Remote LC Services availability
Remote LC Services are ready now
performIDRACUpdate(): Attempting to initiate/stage iDRAC payload instance: DCIM:INSTALLED#iDRAC.Embedded.1-1#IDRACinfo
Initiated Status check for Job ID : REDACTED
Job state for REDACTED is NEW
Job state for REDACTED is FAILED
Mount of remote share failed.
Task Failed. Completed With Errors.
Could you help me? Thanks in advance



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November 23rd, 2023 02:26

Hello thanks for choosing Dell.


OME deployment on OpenStack is not officially supported or tested. (not found here)
Even if the deployment is successful, customers may or may not encounter issues such as the one highlighted in your post.



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November 23rd, 2023 08:06

@DELL-Young E​ I know OpenStack is not explicitly supported, but deployment in KVM is - and under the hood OpenStack uses libvirt, instances are just KVM machines. If it may be of interest, I had the same issues on Proxmox 6.x, that is an interface for setting up VMs with qemu/libvirt

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January 3rd, 2024 09:30

can you try with

openstack image set --property hw_disk_bus=sata  --property hw_firmware_type=uefi

(and reinstall)

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