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November 1st, 2023 23:38

OpenEnterprise Manager 4.0 ( missing Plugins ) Power Manager ?


I looks like every Plugin exept "Services" is missing or cant installed currently on a Version 4.0 , which is quite strange. 

Im missing the PowerPlugin, we paid some license Fees and now it is missing in Version 4.0 or not installable ? 
They showed a Version 3.2 recently on Youtube but not on the old Version or on the current Version the Plugin Version could be found. The latest Version I can update too is .

IQ Cloud was announced too and is missing also ? 

Also Update Manager is not included ? 

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November 2nd, 2023 08:01

I think the previous speaker means, that after upgrading from OpenManage Enterprise 3.x to 4.0, the plugins mentioned are no longer available for direct installation in the appliance!

I found the plugins i needed only after searching the DELL support pages using a ServiceTag. The plugins should then theoretically be installed in offline mode, but this fails for me. The direct download links on the plugin support pages always point to older, incompatible versions.

Alternatively, you can get a little further by changing the download-URL in OME. Then some, but not all updates are available.

However, if you take a closer look at the DELL repository, you will see that files from different versions have been mixed up.

Using the example of the Update Manager plugin as follows:

The files plugins_catalog.json and plugins_catalog.json.asc are from version 1.4.0, but the file in the archives-folder is version 1.5.0.

For the plugin of the Power Manager it is exactly the same.
From my point of view, there are two errors:
1. The default download url for plugins in OME 4.0 is incorrect or there is also an error in the metadata in the repository.
2. The files of the plugins in the repository need to be fixed.
I have opened a support case at DELL and hope that they will take care of it as soon as possible.




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November 2nd, 2023 04:43

Hello thanks for choosing Dell. Im suspecting it might be the mismatch between the two.

OME 4.0 is the latest


"Power Manager 3.0 is a plug-in for the OpenManage Enterprise (minimum version 3.9). To download and install or upgrade this extension:"

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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November 3rd, 2023 09:40

It seems that DELL already fixed the issue. I have just been able to install the Update Manager plugin.

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November 3rd, 2023 10:51

I'm in the EMEAI Region and I was told there is a Problem with synronizing the Plugins , which probably takes some time ( days ) 

Now the Plugins will show in my Region too. 

The OME 4 has to be installed fresh , therefor the Info are not from "after" a migration . 

@LangM It would suggest that you are in a different Region ?


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