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August 17th, 2023 08:55

Openmanage custom repo multiple BIOS packages import problem


Currently BIOS update 2.19.1 addressing security vulnerabilities isn't available in the public catalog. So I went and created a custom repo based on a public catalog. This repo was defined for M640, R640, R740xd and R740xd2 servers. They all have BIOS upgrades but different packages. Once I upload BIOS for one type of server it becomes impossible to upload another. And it does not matter which one I uploaded first. It just says that the package does not contain any compatible firmware (or something similar).

I did a workaround by creating Query Groups for these specific servers and then created multiple repos each for one such group. (R640 and R740xd are just the same). But I feel this is a bug. I tested upgrade to the latest which does not address the problem.



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August 17th, 2023 13:21

Hello, thanks for your valuable feedback. I didn't face a similar issue until saw your post. Thats an odd issue and i agree with you. I wanted to share generic info. As I know poweredge server catalogs are refreshed weekly on Friday.

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