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February 21st, 2024 07:22

OpenManage Email notification show wrong IP address


I have such problem, that email notification sent from dell openmanage shows the wrong ip address of the affected server, i.e. it shows:

Severity Critical
Device Sent from <-- here is correct afected server name
Device IP <-- here is the IP address of the Openmanage server and not the affected server.



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February 21st, 2024 12:15

Hello, Could you check these troubleshooting steps:


Alert Policies Troubleshooting - Email Alerts: 

Step 1: Receive SNMP Trap from device. 

  1. Check the alert log. If no alerts, check the iDRAC configuration. 

  2. Use the Test Event option in the iDRAC to simulate an error. 

Step 2: Alert Policy Configuration 

  1. Under Category, select the All checkbox since often the user is filtering out the alerts they want. 

Create Alert Policy  Name and Description  All  Category  Target  Date and Time  Severity  Actions  Summary  Step 2 of 7  Application  Dell Storage  iDRAC  IF-MIB  MM  Networking  OMSA  OpenManage Enterprise  OpenManage Essentials  Power Manager  RFC1215  SNMPv2-MlB  VMWare
  1. Under Target, ensure all devices that you want email messages from are selected. 

  2. Under Date and Time, do not select anything at all. Often, users are setting times here and if any alerts fall outside of that time, they get nothing. 

Create Alert Policy  Name and Description  Category  Target  Date and Time  Severity  Actions  Summary  Step 4 of 7  Date Range  O Time Interval  Days  From:  12  o  Sunday  o  Monday  o  Tuesday  o  Wednesday  AM  12  o  Thursday  o  Friday  o  Saturday  AM
  1. Under Severity, Warning and Critical should be fine. 

  2. Under Action, fill out user email details.  

Step 3: Send Test trap from iDRAC again to verify functionality. 

  1. Check the Alert log again to verify it got to appliance. 

  2. Wait for email. 

  3. If no email is received, then this indicates an email server configuration issue.

  4. Under Application Settings > Alerts > Email Configuration, check the email server configuration. 

  5. Ensure that IP is correct, port is correct, and credentials are correct. Switch Authentication and SSL for testing. 

v Email Configuration  SMTP Server Network Address  Enable Authentication  Username  Password  Confirm Password  SMTP Port Number  Use SSL  25
Hope that helps!
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