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August 24th, 2023 20:44

Reports in OME do not update when firmware has changed.

I am seeing some issues with OME reports are not updating when new firmware has been installed on the IDRACS. For example, I updated the IDRAC firmware for 30 devices. However, when I run the report to look at device component versions, the report still shows the old firmware version. The same is true when I upgraded the IDRAC license from Enterprise to Datacenter. The report still shows the old Enterprise license. Any ideas??



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August 28th, 2023 04:15

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It’s an inventory issue. OME doesn’t live query the devices for those reports, it uses what it has in its database. So if it does not have up to date inventory for those devices then it’ll show whatever it was before.


Normally I’d say run an Inventory for those devices. If issue persists take one and delete > rediscover. If this is a one-off scenario a quick rediscover isn’t that back. If you would like a deep dive as in this is happening all the time for them you should get a formal support case going though.



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October 31st, 2023 10:38

I am having the same issue. Completing another inventory.  Removing and rediscovery did not correct the issue.  The firmware compliance indicates the server is out of date.  When I download and try to install the specific file on the server directly, it indicates it or a newer version or same version is already installed.   I have 323 servers in OME and 76 are inaccurate




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31-10-2023 15:35 PM


please can you start a firmware compliance report?

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