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February 21st, 2024 13:59

Stupid bug inside openmanage webui

When create a new «discovery» if we select “Device type” as “Network switch” the new popup windows don't show the two lines (Additionnal Settings and Warning) if the magnification of the web page are over 100% with Firefox and it's limit to be see with Chrome at 100%

So it's little hard to find how to enter the scan by ssh.

Not a very big deal *IF* we know it. But very annoying



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February 21st, 2024 18:32

Darth Sidous,
Thank you, we appreciate that you took time out to point that out to us. Would you do me a favor and let me know % you have the magnifier at? I ask as testing on our end shows the button until you approach around 400%, now if the percentage is lower it may also be in combination with the display settings of the OS. Let me know and I will bring it to the OpenManage groups attention, but I can't be certain if it will be implemented, and if it is, when that may occur. 

Let me know.


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February 26th, 2024 13:11

@DELL-Chris H​ I'm using a firefox at 120% on a linux laptop with Xorg, on a Dell 32" 4k screen

For the chromium try it's at 100%

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