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October 9th, 2023 17:12

System shows Healthy when controller and disks are all in Unknown status

We have a PowerEdge R750xs that was having application issues. Checked OMEnt and everything is green/healthy.

However, upon closer examination we found that the entire data drive on the server is missing. Drilling into the details on OMEnt, all the drives in the Data array are in an 'unknown' state. Looking further, the PERC H755 Adapter that they are attached to is also in an unknown state. Yet everything in OMEnt shows green/healthy.

I'm having a hard time understanding why OMEnt is showing this system as perfectly healthy when the RAID controller and all RAID disks are in an unknown (not healthy) state. The entire data drive is missing and OMEnt indicates everything is perfectly fine.



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October 10th, 2023 03:37

Hello thanks for choosing Dell. Did you happen to add extra part, made any changes, or did the message come out of nowhere? This will definitely need a log analysis- not just TSR but the RAID controller logs as well. Please open an official ticket-



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