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September 21st, 2023 10:01

Unable to un-assign profile in order to delete a device from OME

Hello team,
good day to you,
I am trying to delete a device so I can add it again with a new iDRAC IP. But to do so, I need to unassign the profile, however I found this error below while doing that. Can you please help?
And if there is a more efficient way to change the iDRAC IP for a device, please let me know.

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September 21st, 2023 11:16

Hello team,

This is related to the same device, can you please confirm how I can do any of those steps?



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21-09-2023 02:17 PM

Hi, from note section: (Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise 3.9 User's Guide | Dell United Arab Emirates)

  • By default, the last discovered IP of a device is used by OpenManage Enterprise for performing all operations. To make any IP change effective, you must rediscover the device.

I think you can change the iDRAC IP to LOM1 from dedicated or assign a static IP to the iDRAC using racadm. These ways are better than removing and adding the device again, because you don’t have to remove the profile or the data of the previous iDRAC IP. you can check here

Check iDRAC config

racadm getniccfg

Verify which port is in use (change eno1 to eth1 or whatever your server is configured as)

ethtool eno1
ethtool eno2 
ethtool eno3
ethtool eno4
(check last line of output for "Link detected: yes")

Check iDRAC NIC Selection

racadm get iDRAC.NIC.Selection

Set iDRAC to use shared network port LOM1 (look for link detected in output from ethtool above)

racadm set iDRAC.NIC.Selection LOM1

Check iDRAC NIC Selection racadm get iDRAC.NIC.Selection

Set iDRAC network configuration

racadm setniccfg -s <ipv4_address> <subnetmask> <ipv4_gateway>

Check iDRAC config

racadm getniccfg

You should see something like:

LOM Status:
NIC Selection   = LOM1
Link Detected   = No
Speed           = Unknown
Duplex Mode     = Unknown
Active NIC      = None
Active LOM in Shared Mode = None
FailOver LOM in Shared Mode = None

Static IPv4 settings:
Static IP Address    = <ipv4_address>
Static Subnet Mask   = <subnetmask>
Static Gateway       = <ipv4_gateway>

To change back from LOM1 to Dedicated

racadm set iDRAC.NIC.Selection 1

Additional iDRAC.NIC options

For a full list of config options use

racadm help iDRAC.NIC

To view full system config

racadm getsysinfo

DELL-Erman O

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October 9th, 2023 19:53

I am also having this issue, although in my case I am trying to remove the profile so I can delete devices that have been disposed of, so I can't access them at all any more.  Cannot delete the device because it is assigned to a profile, cannot unassign the profile because that fails, cannot rediscover the device because it doesn't physically exist.



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09-10-2023 08:45 PM

Hello Jesse,


This may take more research. I want to verify you are using these directions:


*Delete devices from OpenManage Enterprise Page 99-100

*Unassign profiles page 160

*Delete profiles page 161


Does it give you any error messages you can share when you try to delete the device?


DELL-Charles R

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