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November 19th, 2006 02:00

How to turn on a dell motherboard without the case? (and thus power button)

I have the guts of a dell precision 370 and I am trying to turn it on but without the case, how can I make it start to run? when I plug the power supply into the wall the fan spins and the hard drive and dvdrom are getting power and the fan on my pcie video card spins. and the green light on the motherboard is on. but nothing happens on the connected monitor. how can i make it like turn on and load the bios etc. ?

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November 19th, 2006 05:00

You need to look at where the front panel switch connect to the motherboard. It will be two of those pins as a momentary contact switch, very low voltage, you can short it with a small screwdriver to turn it on and off just like the switch. The manual might have the pinouts and you can find it in support sections.

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November 19th, 2006 05:00

this is the board:

it appears to be number 6 that i should attach a switch to somehow... as that is where it seems a ribbon cable would have connected the board to the front power button, usb ports, and etc. in the original case. but i can't seem to figure out which pins are the power switch :(

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November 19th, 2006 15:00

You are just going to have to figure that one out since its not documented, You can use a multimeter to test the motherboard end of the connector while you hold the switch. If you don;t know what I'm talking about you are on your own, sorry.
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