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January 25th, 2024 15:44

Configure ECS S3 Repository on Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Dell and Elastic Community, 

We're currently trying to connect Elastic Cloud Enterprise (On-Prem) repository to our ECS storage.  On the positive side we've been able to utilize the S3 browser to test connectivity with Dell ECS and that is working.  We have an account created, the bucket connected and when we add test fold/files through our S3 browser app it will show up in ECS as well.  So from a connection standpoint we seem to be good.

The issue we're having is that when we go to our Elastic Cloud Admin console --> Platform --> Repositories --> Add repository, we can build one through the Repository Type --> Advanced settings but when we add it to a Deployment in the Elasticsearch --> Snapshots page we can not get a backup to be created.  In Kibana we go to (Hamburger Menu) --> Stack Management --> Snapshot and Repositories --> found-snapshots --> Verify repository and get the error: { "name": "ResponseError", "message": "repository_verification_exception\n\tCaused by:\n\t\ti_o_exception: Unable to upload object [snapshots/xyzdeployment/tests-CdHmtpxZQvqJ4kHu6c_pUQ/master.dat] using a single upload\n\tRoot causes:\n\t\trepository_verification_exception: [found-snapshots] path [snapshots/xyzdeployment] is not accessible on master node" }

Our Snapshot Repository advanced settings are set like this (scrubbed certain aspects):  

{ "repository": { "repository_name": "ecsnode", "config": { "type": "s3", "settings": { "bucket": "elasticcloud", "endpoint": "", "protocol": "http", "base_path": "snapshots", "path_style_access": "true", "access_key": "ece", "secret_key": "abcxyz" } } }, "repositoryType": "s3", "errors": {} }

When I go into the S3 bucket app --> Accounts --> Edit (specific account) --> Export XML to see what settings its using we get whats below.  So I'm trying to figure out exactly what settings we need to use here to get a connection.

<Name>elasticcloud(scrubbed original)</Name>

If anyone has their Elastic Cloud Enterprise on prem configured and wouldn't mind sharing the settings they use that would be really helpful.




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January 26th, 2024 14:09

Hello ryan.downey,

It is best to open a support case for this issue so that we can pull some logs and see what is going on as to why you are not able to connect.

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