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May 21st, 2024 15:32

XPS 8960, should I extend my warranty?

I'm 3 months away from the first anniversary of my XPS 8960, so Dell is starting to ask about extending my warranty for another year (or more.) I am inclined to not renew for the following reasons:

1- The computer has been truly flawless during its first 9 months.
2- I have replaced some hardware, and Dell only warrants the original hardware and additional hardware that was installed by Dell. (I replaced the single 8GB DIMM that shipped with my PC with two 16GB DIMMs from Crucial, and I added a 1TB NVME from Crucial.)
3- I have added several third-party applications.
4- I removed all of Dell's applications that purport to scan, fix and update my PC.
5- I am not the type to accidentally smack my 8960, knock it to the ground, or spill stuff on it.
6- Without meaning to pat myself on the back, I'm pretty good with computers, so I'm confident that I can solve any issues that might arise with hardware or software on my own (possibly with your help.)

Under these circumstances, I don't see a reason to extend my warranty, but perhaps I'm overlooking something? Are there good reasons to extend that I haven't thought of?

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May 21st, 2024 19:18

It's like buying (car) insurance. You never know if/when you might need it. 

That said, you seem to be experienced in removing/installing hardware, so you may not need to extend the warranty.  Keep in mind that Dell can require you to remove all hardware you added (RAM, NVME SSD) and re-installing the factory hardware, before providing warranty coverage (either 1st year or extended).  Adding/removing software shouldn't have any impact on hardware warranty coverage.

Consider how much will it cost to replace the most expensive components, motherboard and CPU, vs cost for an extended warranty.  Would you be better off just saving that amount personally, just in case, or paying for a warranty extension upfront, whether you'll ever need it or not?

Another thing to consider... If you bought this PC with a credit card, ask the bank if your card offers any (free) warranty extension coverage. Some cards offer up to an additional 12 months coverage, within first 12 months after an OEM's 1-year warranty expires.  The card may either cover the costs to repair or to replace it with an identical item, as long as the charges are put on same card, and then reimbursed.

Only you can decide what works best for you...


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May 22nd, 2024 00:30

Many years ago I bought an XPS8700 that included a 3 yr. warranty (on special sale, price was the same before without the warranty). So I essentially did not pay for it.

Of ALL the Dell PC's I bought, a few had problems that required service in the first year... and that one with the extended warranty did in the 3rd year. A simple problem I could have fixed myself for well under $100... The DVD/CD player destroyed a CD with took out the head on the player. No problem, Dell replaced it...

Insurance is for peace of mind I guess. The cost for Dell's extended warranty is high, but it depends on what 'breaks'? A hard drive, an SSD, some RAM, all probably less that the warranty cost. Big items that could fail, the CPU, PSU, and GPU, as well as the motherboard. Possible the CPU and GPU if they failed would cost as much as the warranty, but might not, and how often do they fail?

Spilling coverage is extra cost too I guess?

Also, you'd probably need 2 or 3 calls to make it worth the cost (although the parts alone would be less, there is labor and mailing that is part of the warranty).

Probability of failure after one year could be low, but it does happen.

I considered what would happen in year 2 or later. At some point I'd be 'itching' to replace the PC anyway. Some parts might even be salvageable to be put into the new PC (RAM, probably not, but disks/SSD and even the CD/DVD player).

There is no correct or wrong answer here, it is up to you and your comfort doing 'repairs' and the cost doesn't bother you.

Of course, Dell can put crazy restrictions on doing service, re-install the OS fresh (of course you'd back it up, right first), remove h/w you put in, etc.

My limited interaction with Dell Support, within the first year, has always been, diagnose, then swap out parts. Doesn't always fix it, and rinse and repeat. Eventually fix it, or you ship it back for them to work on it. Then you might wind up with a Refurbished unit even.

Want no worries though, I guess Warranty is the way to go? Not for me though.

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May 22nd, 2024 01:06

Thanks very much for your ideas. I agree! I'm not going to extend my warranty.


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23-05-2024 05:47 AM

@MastiffX​ I did it for my xps 8940 which they exchanged the motherboard twice, granted the first time was because the tech nic it with a screw driver who killed the memory slots. 

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