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March 2nd, 2023 14:00

ECS - pause replication

We have 2 ECS units (well, 2 for the sake of this discussion)

The production ECS contains live, constantly-updated data.  This is replicated to another ECS unit as part of our DR design.

1.  Can we pause this replication?

            The reason for wanting to do this is because we want to be able to test the data at our DR site's ECS

2.  If we make any changes at the destination ECS while replication is paused, will these changes be overwritten when we resume/unpause replication?

           The ideal outcome for us is that any changes made at the destination will be overwritten when replication resumes



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March 3rd, 2023 00:00

Hello CrashCart,

To pause replication, you will need to open a support case as the steps needed are only for support and partners.  If you have partner access you can view the steps that need to be performed at the following kb Article Number: 000022058, or this link.

ECS replication should not be paused without confirming how long and reason for this request.  Stopping replication impacts data being replicated in the event that primary VDC goes down, the surviving VDC, would not have the chunks that were written to the primary VDC while replication was disabled on ADO enabled buckets.

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March 9th, 2023 15:00

Thank you.


Technical Support  provided me with the text from that KB.  (Understandably, they were somewhat reluctant to provide even that at first)

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