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September 19th, 2023 10:07

SC9000 response rest API

I want to call the Rest API endpoint SC9000


I get the response

"Unable to communicate with API manager" + "bad_alloc" for URI /api/rest/StorageCenter/ScVolume

I tried to call /api/rest/StorageCenter/StorageCenter and successfully got a response

please help



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19-09-2023 14:46 PM



While I think about it, it sounds like it is either a data issue with the API or something under the API itself is needing a webserver reboot. Also, I would suggest you confirm that the SC9000 is up to date, and you are also using the latest tool versions. After that you may want to consider calling into support, as it may require direct access to resolve the issue, so that is something to consider.


Let me know if this helps.


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26-09-2023 03:51 AM

Cool, It's Work. Thankyou

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18-10-2023 09:20 AM

@DELL-Chris H​ Hallo , for your information

1. i have a schedule to reboot the server on 15 every month.

2. i use the latest tools, Dell Storage Manager Client version 2020 R1 20

but the data not stable to sent.

Rest Api sometimes sends data, sometimes displays a response {"result": "cxxrt::bad_alloc"}

please help



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18-10-2023 12:56 PM


as Chris said, the best thing for this is calling the support, they can dive on the configuration and see logs to help you in the more precise manner.


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