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March 9th, 2022 09:00

Hard Drive Failure - RAID 5 - PE R710

I have a PE R710 with a PERC 6I controller.   One of the drives in the RAID 5 array was giving me the flashing amber light.  I ordered a replacement drive, and attempted a hot swap replacement.    The drive that failed is showing as the #4 drive.    When I added the new drive, in the RAID config utility, the status changed to "Rebuild".  That lasted for about 10 seconds.   After that, drive #3 shows a status of "Failed" and drive 4 goes to "Offline".  If I remove drive 4 and reboot, the array comes back active, but with a "Degraded" status.   

The RAID controller firmware is up to date, as is the BIOS on the server.   I did see on the Dell support site, that there is a firmware update for the hard drives, but it states that it won't install unless the array is in optimal condition.   Of course, my array is degraded.  

Any advice on how I might resolve this issue?

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May 16th, 2022 06:00

Hi John,

When the RAID is rebuilding and then stops, it is most likely an issue with that drive or there is a partition already existing on it.

First, backup all your data from the RAID before another drive fails.

Second, remove the drive that 6i says has failed. If it number 4 which you installed, remove it and attached to another computer. Remove any partitions and leave it RAW. Then plug back into the RAID. See if that rebuilds the RAID.


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