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October 4th, 2017 08:00

MD3420 compatibility

We just acquired a new Dell MD3420 along with 2 Cisco c220-m4 servers, they are connected via SAS HBAs from Cisco, part # UCSC-SAS9300-8E. 

The plan is to use this as an out of band mgmt. cluster which will run a dozen or so VMs.   So far this isn't working out so well, the servers continue to become unresponsive and I can't help but point the finger at these HBAs since we had trouble getting them to be recognized and had to manually update the drivers and firmware. 

I have been trying to locate some compatibility matrix for the MD3420 but haven't found it yet.  It should be this difficult to find, but I keep striking out.. 

Can someone knowledgeable please chime in and assist?  

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