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May 9th, 2023 06:00

Looking for IT-Security training and certificates

I am a regular IT staff wanting to gain security skills. What are the best courses and certificates to start with? The NIST Cybersecurity Framework certificate (D-CSF-SC-23) and the security foundations are looking promising. I am just not sure how they complete each other and if there are any I should take before these (and afterwards). I am mainly looking for general training, but feel free to tell me about some important product specific training. Maybe some of you are some steps ahead of me and can tell me what you did or you got a good overview over this field. I appreciate any suggestions.

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May 9th, 2023 07:00

Welcome to our community, @Kastelcastle!

We have a "Security Foundations " course. 

Course ID# ESDTFS04728

This link is for our Security training and certification program.

Course Description:

This instructor-led course covers how organizations minimize their risks associated with cybersecurity attacks. The content covers the various risks and attack vectors as well as the techniques and frameworks used to prevent and respond to possible attacks. With a focus on people, process, and technology, the security foundations course covers a broad range of topics such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ransomware, security hardening, as well as cloud and edge security. The course concludes with a capstone project to apply the covered security concepts and approaches to a scenario-based case study.


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May 15th, 2023 08:00

Hi KastleCastle, 

You can also check out our full selection of Security and Resiliency training here

We offer everything from our Security Foundations training to training on the NIST Cybersecurity framework as well as certification prep for industry certifications and of course extensive training on PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. 

As Naomi suggested, I also recommend starting with the Security Foundations training, then moving to the NIST Cybersecurity training.  Completing both of these will award you the Proven Infrastructure Security Solution Certification in addition to achieving the Security Foundations achievement and NIST Cybersecurity 2023 Proven Professional certification.  




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