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March 28th, 2023 13:00

Looking for Recommendations for Avamar administration training

I've identified the following class:
Avamar Administration

I'm new to Avamar administration, pick things up relatively easily.  

Thanks in advance for your feedback and support.  

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March 29th, 2023 03:00

Hello BerkeryCowboy1,

Welcome to our community!

We have three Avamar Administration classes.

Dell Avamar Administration ES102DPS01502 (On Demand Course)

Dell Avamar Implementation and Administration MR-7LP-AVAM633 (Classroom/Virtual Classroom)

Dell Avamar Administration ES102DPS01701 (On Demand Lab)

Please ask our registration support team if you have any questions here.

Also, please check our Proven Avamer exam out after your course completion.  

Good luck!


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March 29th, 2023 05:00

Hi BerkelyCowboy1, 

I agree with everything Naomi recommended.  The Dell Avamar Implementation and Management instructor led course is the one I typically recommend because it covers everything from implementation, administration and maintenance with hands on labs and an instructor available to ask questions.  

If you'd prefer on-demand, we actually have a package available (DECS-SA Avamar Administration On-Demand Training) that includes both the Avamar Administration course and labs, along with Avamar Concepts and the Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) course that covers use of Avamar in virtualized environments (on-prem and cloud).  This also includes access to Instructor Hours which would give you the ability to join a live 1.5hr session with lead instructors for this course to ask any questions. 

Both would give you a great start with Avamar and also prepare you for the Avamar Systems Administrator Proven Certification if you decided you wanted to get certified as well. 

Thanks, Rob

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