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September 7th, 2021 10:00

Choose where to capture image?

Like, after i create the unattended it just goes like gangbusters into image capture. Shouldn't there be a way to choose where the capture is saved???



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September 7th, 2021 10:00

@redumak  - By default, the image is captured to the root of the Windows partition (c:\image.wim). From there, you're prompted to copy it to another location, e.g. USB / network share, etc. If you want to capture to a different location, you may interrupt the capture process just before the auto-capture starts (there's a 30 second countdown). The reason it captures to the c:\ is because it's local to the capture process and in our experience, works better than capturing to a remote source.



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September 7th, 2021 13:00

Thank you. This worked perfectly.

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