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November 8th, 2023 17:20

The Mentors

Gabby Duarte
Senior Analyst Talent Acquisition
Gabby has been at Dell for 1.5 years.  The best part about her role is being able to offer candidates their dream career! Something Gabby is professionally proud of is hiring top talent for Dell.  One of her goals is to hire more diverse candidates! Something unique about Gabby is she was on born on Thanksgiving-Turkey Baby! 

Jennifer Jetten
Senior Advisor, Talent Acquisition 
Jennifer has been at Dell for over 1.5 years.  The best part about his/her/their role is helping candidates grow their career. Something Jennifer is professionally proud of is achieving her 
CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) and CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader) HR certifications. One of her goals/aspirations is foster a culture of mentorship and collaboration within our organization. I believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences, we can all thrive and excel together.
Something quirky about Jennifer is I have a knack for solving Sudoku puzzles and enjoy the mental challenge.

Elizabeth Schoenherr
Global Messaging Lead, CSG Global Product Marketing
Name has been at Dell Technologies for 4 years.  The best part about her role is the ability to mentor students & new hires. Something Name is professionally proud of is her ability to take on additional projects outside of her role.  One of her goals/aspirations is to be a people leader.  Something unique/interesting/quirky about Elizabeth is she lives in Denver, Colorado and is experiencing her first ever fall!

Ben Hastings
Senior Consultant
Ben Hastings has been at Dell Technologies for 27 years.  The best part about his role is ability to work with new technologies and cutting-edge innovation.  Ben started at entry level role in company by 2018 was leading global team in Director position.  One of his goals aspirations is obtaining patent.  Something interesting about Ben is he was one of the first completely Homeschooled until attending University. 

Dhiren Patel
Client Technologist, Client Solutions Group

Dhiren has been at Dell Technologies for 6+ years working as a Client Technologist. He is a member of the Sales Advisory Board, and the Client Innovation Advisory Council. The best part of his role is that he gets to work with all the latest end-user computing technology and empowers organizations through their workforce transformation journeys by helping them put their employees first. 

Something Dhiren is professionally proud of is his Project Management Professional designation. One of his aspirations is to ensure his six-year-old daughter has access to all the same opportunities he once had. Something unique about Dhiren is that he has stepped into the world of creating “content”, look out for “@dpatel_tech” on your social platforms including YouTube, X (Twitter), Instagram!

Danilo Toniolo
Senior Inside Sales Account Manager
Dan has been at Dell for 7 years.  The best part about his role is that he gets to help build solutions that have real world effect. Something Dan is professionally proud of is mentoring my younger teammates.  One of his goals is to be a future leader here at Dell.  Something interesting about Dan is he is a very talented home cook.

Dallas Maddox
Software Engineer | Dell Digital
Dallas has been at Dell Technologies for 21 months (2 years in January!). The best parts of her role are working on CI/CD pipelines and leading fun events for her team. Dallas is proud of her ability to take on ambiguous tasks, research, and implement new technologies for her team. One of her aspirations is to visit Prague in the next 5 years. Her professional aspiration is to be leading a team of developers in the next 3 years. Some interesting facts about Dallas are that she loves to hike in the Arizona mountains and she has an amazing cat named Kitty Meow (aka. Tiny Bean) thanks to the cat distribution system.

Hannah Hyatt
Sr. UX Researcher
Hannah has been at Dell for 18 months.  The best part about her role is the opportunity to learn something new every single day and try to have a positive impact with the work she is doing. Something Hannah is professionally proud of is a few years ago, she worked with the Massachusetts State Court System doing research, and wrote a usability report for their remote interpretation processes; that report was later cited in a Supreme Court Justice Opinion Piece. One of her goals/aspirations is to learn Italian.  Something unique/interesting/quirky about Hannah is although she has blue eyes, she has a brown freckle in one of her irises.

Sangeetha Sukumaran
Account Executive, Commercial Sales
Sangeetha has been at Dell Technologies for 2 years.  The best part about her role is handling customers with all their Technology needs. Something Sangeetha is professionally proud of is to be part of the Dell culture and help our customers.  One of her goals/aspirations is to make a difference in our community by being there for each other.  Something unique/interesting/quirky about Name is stay positive and not be scared of failure, even if I fall, would like to fall forward so I at least learn something on the path forward.

Nabila Oubouchou


Transformation Architect at FXinnovation

Nabila has over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, I currently serve as a Transformation Architect. The best part about my role lies in leveraging technology solutions to address complex business challenges. Nabila is professionally proud of my continuous learning journey, always staying abreast of the evolving technology landscape. One of her aspirations is to demystify artificial intelligence and empower women and the new generation to harness its potential for their learning and career growth. A quirky fact about me is my love for cooking traditional Algerian dishes, a hobby that allows me to explore my cultural roots while satisfying my culinary curiosity. As a modern woman and a single mother of three, I believe in the power of technology to transform lives and societies, and I am committed to making this transformation accessible to all.

Brooke Hallaman
Hardware Engineer in CSG
Brooke has been at Dell Technologies for over 2 years.  The best part about her role is partnering with start-up companies and learning about their technology. Something Brooke is professionally proud of is being at a company like Dell where we can have influence on industry to make changes in the sustainability space.  One of her goals/aspirations is to continue learning - about new technology & beyond.  Something unique/interesting/quirky about Brooke is she plays many types of videogames.

Mireille Gouda
Enterprise Account Manager
Mireille has been at Dell for 2.5 years.  The best part about his/her/their role is the People. Something Mireille is professionally proud of is being part of this program.  One of his/her/their goals/aspirations is becoming a sales manager.  Something unique/interesting/quirky about Mireille is that I speak 3 languages.

Linda Lusk


Sr. Advisor, Talent Acquisition

Linda has been with Dell for almost 5 1/2  years.    The best part about the role is partnering with hiring managers to learn about their orgs and find great talent as well as talking with the various candidates about Dell and all the great opportunities and benefits.  Linda has had the opportunity to grow her experience by participating in various programs, presentations, and training sessions while at Dell.  One accomplishment Linda is particularly proud of is being awarded the Dell Inspire Game Changer Award.  During off-hours Linda enjoys traveling, working in her yard, walking/hiking, and getting together with friends and family. 


Sensors and Compute Verification & Validation Software Engineer
Sanjeevani has been at Zoox for 5 months.  The best part about her role is getting to ride in and work on the world's first purpose-built autonomous vehicle. Something Sanjeevani is professionally proud of is having been selected for a 5-person strike team responsible for getting a major company milestone across the finish line at her previous role at Embark. One of her goals/aspirations is meaningfully live each day having made the world a little better. Something interesting about Sanjeevani is that she did classical Indian dance (Bharathanatyam) for 16 years, and did a 3-hour solo debut performance in Mumbai, India.

Tracey Neil
Senior Services Account Manager

Tracey Neil has been at Dell Technologies for 6 years, and for 33 years in the IT industry total. She is a Senior Services Account Manager with Dell, and her primary focus is building and maintaining trusted advisor relationships with her clients.  She is continually learning and growing, and is currently developing herself more in the areas of leadership, including working with her own mentors to help her develop the skills necessary for the next steps.  Tracey herself, mentors in a number of different programs, both internal and external to Dell, and is very keen on helping others succeed on their own personal/professional growth path.  She is a strong advocate for STEM and Women in Technology, and often shares her experiences with those groups.  She is also passionate about her volunteer work, which includes serving meals to the homeless, clothing and blanket drives, charity motorcycle riding events, food bank deliveries for the Vets and more.  Volunteering warms the heart and keeps one humble.

Iris Yuan
Senior Manager Talent Development, Dell Technologies 
Iris is a seasoned global leader with 17 years of experience in both public and private sectors. She's skilled in sales, marketing, building international relationships, and finding and developing talent. Currently, she leads a team of Program and Project Managers at Dell Technologies from all over the world. Together, they manage various talent programs for people at different career stages worldwide. One of her goals is to establish meaningful connections with people and inspire and support others. An interesting aspect of Iris is her deep affection for animals.

Cindy Hart
No pronouns
Senior Manager, S&P Global MDF/Events
Cindy has been at Dell for 19 years.  The best part of her role is to lead her team in achieving success and seeing results.  Something Cindy is professionally proud is her passion to mentor young adults, whether still in school, or starting his/her career at Dell.  One of Cindy's aspirations is to continue to mentor her team, colleagues and other mentees and seeing their progression.  In her spare time, Cindy is a licensed BodyCombat instructor!

Adhiraj Singh 
Product Specialist at Dell Technologies

Adhiraj Singh has been at Dell Technologies for 5 years. The best part about his role as a product specialist is meeting new customers and learning about the new tech they are innovating. Something Adhiraj is professionally proud of as a product specialist in sales is consistently exceeding sales targets and providing excellent customer service.

One of his goals and aspirations is to continue growing within his current role and eventually have the opportunity to work internationally, expanding his reach and knowledge in the tech industry.

Something unique about Adhiraj is his love for outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping, which perfectly complements his tech-savvy profession. He enjoys the balance between the fast-paced world of technology and the serenity of nature in his personal life.

Marcus Maleus
Dell - Data Center Sales Executive
4 / working with my team / mentoring / leadership / used to drive an ice cream truck.

Jaymin Sahota
Data Center Sales Executive

Jaymin Sahota is a Data Center Sales Account Executive at Dell Technologies. Over the past 6 years he has been responsible for helping Dell's Western Canadian clients execute against their Hybrid Cloud, Application and Security transformation objectives.  

Jaymin graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber Bachelor of Business Administration program with a specialization in International Business. In his spare time, Jaymin enjoys spending time with his family, travelling across Canada and abroad.

Diana Dang
Account Executive, Dell

Diana has spent the past two years at Dell, where she currently leads the Workforce Solutions Group for Western Canada. She started in Electrical Engineering because of her curiosity and passion for problem-solving. After completing her education, Diana worked in the manufacturing industry before switching to IT by joining Dell. What captivates her most about the tech industry is its rapid evolution; like in engineering, you can be a lifelong learner. 

Diana's role at Dell has provided her with a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse range of customers spanning various industries, including banking, oil and gas, and aerospace. In her space time she loves cooking, eating and building Lego!

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