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December 1st, 2023 23:27

New computer will not 'see' the monitor.

Inspiron 3020 Desktop

Inspiron 3020 Desktop

My 8 year old desktop computer crashed and I bought a Dell Inspiron Desktop - 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700 - GeForce RTX 3060 - Windows 11.   I bought a new DVI to DisplayPort Cable, which was required, since the new computer only had a DisplayPort and the monitor had serial and DVI connections.


Using the old ViewSonic (a 2012 model) monitor, the computer, when restarted, would go on (the power light and HD lights could be seen) but the monitor would flash its name then go black. 


I moved the ViewSonic monitor to a second desktop (Windows 10 Dell) using the computer’s  DVI to DVI cable and the ViewSonic monitor worked.


Using a LG monitor (2007 model from my second desktop PC) hooked up to the new computer with the DisplayPort Cable to DVI and the LG monitor worked.


I again removed the LG monitor (only) and hooked up the ViewSonic monitor using the DisplayPort/DVI cable and there was again no ‘connection’.


Both the monitors work on my old desktop using a DVI to DVI cable.  So, for some reason, the ViewSonic monitor will not work with a DisplayPort to DVI cable.


I contacted ViewSonic Service Desk; they sent me the driver for the ViewSonic in case the old file was corrupted.  After all was said and done, they replied:  At this time, with all the troubleshooting you have done, we can at least determine the monitor works and there are no internal issues with the monitor. It can very well be the cable as not all monitors deliver data the same way with the same cables.


Has anyone experienced this problem?  Have a solution?

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December 2nd, 2023 00:10

I believe that there is an HDMI port on your RTX 3060.  You can try HDMI to DVI bidirectional cable to connect your ViewSonic. 

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December 2nd, 2023 15:29

@Chino de Oro​ I will give that a try.  Hate to tie up that port but if there is no other option......

Will post if it is successful.

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